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The Delightful Insights Of Acqua Blu Rasdhoo

Accommodation | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Greetings from Acqua Blu Rasdhoo! the local guesthouse from your dream holiday destination (Maldives), offering a delighting holiday experience with local touch at a great value for money. We make every effort to deliver you an exciting and unforgettable holiday experience, which would leave pleasant footprints in your memories, by ensuring hospitable and friendly workforce; myriad of activities and state-of- art amenities. With contemporary services such as a Sun Terrace, an In-house Restaurant and a public Fitness Center, we arrange your stay at just two minutes’ walk from the beach. We aim at making each second you spend with us, a moment-of- truth.


One of the features that make Acqua Blu Rasdhoo stand out is its convenient and exotic location. Situated in the capital of North Ari Atoll Rasdhoo, we are 70 mins speed boat ride away from the international airport. The island Rasdhoo or Rasdhoo Atoll has all the ingredients for a tropical paradise, such as the consistently warm waters that have exceptional visibility; the lagoons decorated with coral gardens that host an incredible variety of marine life; the close proximity to famous dive sites and renowned Hammerhead shark point; and the easy access to the white sandy beaches. These features make it one of the most demanded areas in Maldives. We give you the opportunity to have a hand-on experience of this overwhelming natural beauty at affordable rates.

Aerial view of Rasdhoo


- Bed only (No meal is served for free)

- Bed and Breakfast (Only Breakfast is served for free)

- Half Board (Breakfast and either Lunch or Dinner is Served for free)

- Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served for free)

All meals would be served at our in-house restaurant and you have the chance to choose from the food and drink menu for each and every meal. In addition, tea and coffee would be served on request for free, irrespective of the meal plan selected.


The formation of islands in a much isolated nature is one of the features that make Maldives special. In fact Maldives is the most geographically dispersed country in the world which explains the reason for the huge proportion of the sea area. As a result even most of the non-diving activities take place in the sea. So, you might ponder as to how to enjoy in Maldives. Don’t worry! We have got you covered with myriad of activities fit for each and every one. In addition we make them as safe as possible by providing appropriate gears, tools and safety equipment. So who’s ready for a delighting holiday experience!!!


Join us, as we give you the opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking view of our unimaginable coral reefs and stunningly beautiful sea creatures dancing freely in groups. One of our experienced guides will take you to some of the very famous snorkeling spots in the area where you will find yourself mesmerized by the beauty beneath you. Don’t be anxious, as we offer life vests specifically designed to give extra buoyancy so that all you have to do is kick and gaze.

Rasdhoo Reef | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Get geared up in a wet-suit, snorkel gear, and fins to get in the water to witness Manta Rays. Watching these amazing creatures somersault in front of you multiple times, close enough to where you could kiss them, is a once in a lifetime experience. *Manta Adventure is a seasonal activity, please inform us before booking.

Manta | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Let us take you to a small and isolated uninhabited island and to the nearby sand bank where you can saunter, sunbathe, relax and swim. It’s a perfect getaway just a short 05 to 10 minutes boat ride away.

Madivaru Sandbank | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Put on the snorkel gear and jump in to the crystal clear water with one of our genial guides, to marvel at the amazing world beneath the waves. You would be thrilled and craving to do it again.

Rasdhoo Reef | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo
Snorkeling | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Are you a dive lover? One of the ways to comprehend the natural beauty of Maldives is to dive underneath the crystal clear waters to see the endless coral reefs and numerous marine lives. At special rates, we give you the opportunity to dive under the supervision of professional divers, to the famous dive sites that are at close proximity. Moreover if you wish to learn more about diving we offer you PADI and SSI certified dive courses at affordable rates.

SCUBA Diving | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo
SCUBA Diving | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Jump on board a large fishing boat and let the captain take you to some of the best fishing spots around. The fishing equipment is provided by the hotel, all you have to do is to enjoy the adventure.

Big Game Fishing | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


A must do! Take this chance to enjoy fiery Maldivian sunsets. The beautiful scene formed with multiple colors make it as one of the most magical moment of the day Don’t forget to take your cameras, as you may just bump into a pod of dolphins as well.

A pod of Dolphin


Enjoy your day at Madivaru picnic Island and sandbank where you can saunter, sunbathe, relax and swim. In this comprehensive package we have included a snorkeling, Lunch at Picnic Island and Fish Feeding at blue hole.

Madivaru Sandbank | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Come with us and experience an adventurous Whale Shark Tour. Join for a day out on the South Ari Atoll and experience wonder for yourself. Marvel at the size, grace and beauty of the biggest fish in the world as you swim alongside it in the pristine waters of the Maldives. (Minimum 8 Person)

Whale Shark | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Visit a nearby local Island and explore our way of life. Our friendly guide will take you to some of the historical sites and also show what the locals are doing to make their living. (Minimum 4 person)

Island Hopping | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo

LEARN TO SWIM (snorkel)

Haven’t snorkeled before? Don’t worry. This activity is especially designed for the first-timers to breathe and move like a fish in the water. With the right training and support, you could soon be enjoying your own snorkeling adventure!

Snorkeling | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Experience a one-of- a-kind interaction with schools of dolphins around Rasdhoo Atoll. We would take you on a Speedboat to have a closer look of this amazing creature.

Dolphin | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Are you feeling adventurous? Do you want to explore Rasdhoo Atoll from another perspective? Perhaps you wish to see Maldives the way a Hawks Bill or Green Turtle sees this tropical paradise?

Turtle | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo
Turtle | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Welcome to the adventure. Rasdhoo Atoll has some of the most prolific big game fishing grounds in the Maldives. You would be shocked by the sheer size of the fishes you might encounter from the water surrounding Rasdhoo. Giant fishes such as Wahoo, Barracuda, Swordfish, Marlin, Yellow fin Tuna and many others are some of the possible catches of your Big Game Adventure.

Big Game Fishing
Big Game Fishing


Join us to enjoy Maldives Sunset fishing also known as Night Fishing, a special form of evening entertainment, amidst the magnificent views of the sun sinking below the horizon. Going out to sea in the evening on a perfect day is a rather peaceful time which is a not only a great time to patiently wait for your next catch but is also very relaxing as you find yourself in the midst of the spectacular star-studded night sky. If you are blessed with a sizable catch, which is more or less inevitable, a barbecue, featuring the fruits of your labor, would be prepared by the chefs at the hotel.

Sunset Fishing | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


We offer you a Seafood BBQ on the beach featuring crabs, lobsters, squid, etc. which are fresh from the reefs of Maldives. Let’s delight your taste buds in this relaxing and romantic setting on the beach with your loved one(s).

Beach Dinner | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo
Beach Dinner | Acqua Blu Rasdhoo


Rasdhoo, the home of Acqua Blu Rasdhoo, is an island with a lot of transfer options from and to the international airport. The most common among them is the speed boat option which is just a 70 minutes journey and has 3-4 trips daily at different times. You also have the local ferry option which travels either way on every other day. This would be the cheapest option where you would be travelling in a traditional dhoni. This journey would take around 3 hours. The third option is to travel by Seaplane. Although it is the most expensive option, it offers incredible views of the islands from the sky. This would be the fastest option as well which takes only 15 – 20 minutes in the air.

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