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ABOUT  Acqua Adventures Rasdhoo
We are a Local Family who run the Acqua Adventures Rasdhoo, our staffs are all Locals, and the Business is Locally owned, and our Acqua Adventures is mostly preferred by Small groups and for private Diving options with a feel of Local culture, We are Rasdhoo Divers who are skilled professional team to give you the great adventure underwater and to explore the wonders of living sea creatures or the beautiful marine life in the Maldives, Rasdhoo Atoll is a comparatively small atoll and almost always dive on the outside reef which means we have deep water (+-160m) and this attracts many pelagic species. We have different types of dive sites which vary between channels, walls, reefs and thilas. We even have three wrecks (40m, 34m and 7m long) in the atoll, the first of which we dive regularly. Drift diving with the current along the outside wall of the atoll is usually easy while channel dives can have more current and are more challenging. The fish life here in Rasdhoo Atoll is diverse and abundant. here in Rasdhoo Atoll, there are many locations / spots and channel for diving. We have the hammerhead points and Madivaru channel for diving. We will bring you to the great spots where you can find dolphins, schools of hammerhead sharks, Eagle rays, Sting rays, large Manta Rays (our manta season is really Nov- April), Turtles (green and hawksbill), Barracuda, Tuna, Napoleons, School of trevally, Grouper, Morays, Leaf fish, Frog fish, Ghost pipe fish, Ribbon eels, Parrot Fish, Surgeon Fish, Trigger Fish, and much more. Occasionally we can see the elusive whale shark in Rasdhoo Atoll or North Ari Atoll. 

Discovering the underwater world, that wonderfully combines new experiences, aesthetic (and not only) pleasure, the romance of travel, self-discovery, and of course - end...
Fun Dives



We believe that diving experience is critical to safety and maintaining skill levels - to this end our instructors complete weekly training dives, when they are not teaching.



Like everything else that makes us different, we have the latest modern equipment. We replace our dive equipment every six months so you're always diving on the best and the latest.



Committed to the highest training standards, all our courses and private programs are focused on you as a diver, with your own personal instructor for the duration of your training.

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